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My Story

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My name is Claudia Aubort and I am an Australian Psychotherapist and Well-Being Consultant and Trainer. I also recently retired from being a casual academic teaching the next generation of Psychotherapists in order to bring you my first self-help book which provides the simple answer to unlocking your full potential, happiness and success. The book came about through life changing encounters with people during my career as a Psychotherapist and Academic, and as a result of my own experience in understanding what sets apart those who fly through life and those who struggle. So if your struggling this will be the book you need to read. The book is the legacy of a long career spent transforming lives and it's my gift to you if you are willing to turn the first page. (The book launches later this year) I also have a goal of working with as many up and coming leaders as I possibly can to embrace the tools in my book.


My greatest achievement to date has been guiding wonderful but sometimes lost souls over the last 23 years to realise they can change their lives. Everyone is engaged in a struggle at some point in their life however it's the knowing how to move through that struggle that becomes important. I've helped thousands move through their struggle, embrace change and finally discover who they really are. I've also trained into Non-for profits, businesses and corporations including companies like Uber and Tiffany's. I deliver training in Wellness Mindset, Digital Well-being and Counselling skills for professionals in the workplace, all aimed at employee satisfaction and retention, healthy work environments and increased productivity. 

However along with qualifications and experience is me and I've had my share of struggles which have influenced my ability to understand the struggles of others. I suffered trauma as a child in an abusive environment, however there were positives in my childhood like growing up in the Hunter Valley region of rural NSW. It cultivated my love for nature and animals, particularly cats and horses which provided an escape when things became unbearable. Later as a young adult I lost my brother and more receently both my parents and my younger sibling leaving me as the last of my immediate family. Loss was confronting and life changing and only added to my determination to create an amazing life and despite it taking longer then I would have liked, I now have two amazing children and a pretty amazing life. My daughter is a journalist and won a couple of awards, but now works in marketing and my son is an up and coming film director, who won an award for his first short film.  The creative blood is soaring and yes I am a proud mumma! There is also the fur baby named Effie, the cream Burmese pictured above who would talk if she could.

I now live in Far North Queensland where winter provides 26 degrees Celsius days! It is an undiscovered paradise surrounded by beautiful islands and it feeds my soul. Its my base and safe place in the world. Finally, it's worth noting that I can't cook well, however I did learn to ride a motorbike at 45 and I am apparently gifted with working people out in record time.



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